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Currently there are two documents available from this site - Zenwalk Startup Guide and Zenwalk Users Manual.

Zenwalk Start Up Guide

Zenwalk start up guide

Zenwalk Startup Guide helps new comers to Zenwalk and to Linux in general. The document addresses the following points:

  • Zenwalk interfaces
  • Basic operations with your mouse
  • How to connect to the Internet
  • How to use default applications in Zenwalk
  • How to install applications
  • How to configure your desktop
  • and much more
  • Click here for the document.

    NOTE: It is about 11 Mb big. If you prefer to have A4 version for printing, click here

    Zenwalk Users Manual

    zenwalk users guide

    Zenwalk Users Guide helps new and experienced users in Linux. The document addresses the following points:

  • Obtaining Zenwalk
  • Burning an ISO image
  • Installing Zenwalk on your rig
  • Acquiring some basic knowledge of Linux
  • Using Zenwalk's specific tools
  • Running a performant system
  • Enjoying your Linux experience
  • Click here for the document.

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