Startup Services

serviceconfig is a Zenwalk-specific tool to facilitate control over the installed services. If not configured by hand, Zenwalk will enable some default services at boot.

You can access this program via ZenPanel. After clicking on its icon, you will be greeted with a list of start up services available for Zenwalk. If you would like to activate/deactivate these services during booting, tick/untick the boxes next to the ones you are interested.

Depending on your configuration, some services are not needed (for example a ssh daemon or the gpm console mouse server). You can enable or disable multiple services to run at boot time. If you are unsure about disabling a service, check the available info at "Google", or ask in our help forum.

When xdialog is not installed, serviceconfig will use the ncurses interface. As with previous tools, use the spacebar to (de)select and tab and arrow keys to navigate.

In the terminal the service command can be used also to configure the daemons. Besides simple (de)activating those daemons, service can also stop/start/restart them. A sample syntax: - starting/stopping daemons: service start|stop|restart [servicename] - enabling/disabling daemons: service enable|disable [servicename.html] - list the state of the installed daemons: service list.

Some comments about the services