Setting up WiFi (WICD)

Wicd is a tool intended to configure easily your wifi interface, and will allow you to connect to your wifi and wireless network.

How to set up

First, make sure that wicd is ticked in "Startup Services" under Zenpanel, and necessary drivers are installed. In this example, iwlwifi (which should come by default but is also available by netpkg) was used. Other drivers may be available as kernel modules (check the "Kernel Modules" utility in Zenpanel) or by netpkg. Restarting the box may be required before these changes take effect.

How to use
  1. Wicd Network Manager is available in the Xfce menu, under the Network submenu.
  2. When you click on Wicd Network Manager, you will get the following screen.

  3. If no signal is detected, you may need to configure settings. Click Preference on the menu bar. Under preference, you can change WPA supplicant driver, Wireless interface (here wlan0) is used, and other minor options such as setting up global DNS servers (by default, these fields are empty). Fill in the box for Wireless interface (you can find out which interface is being used by the box by typing "iwconfig" in Terminal as user "root").

  4. Once singals are detected by your Wifi, you can select the Wifi signal you wish to use for connection. Expand to change 'Advanced Settings' and enter details such as your key for the connection and static IP address if required.

  5. Now you can connect to the Wifi by just clicking Connect. You can also set up connection procedures for Hidden Network and Ad-Hoc network.