Network Configuration

XNETCONF is a Zenwalk tool designed to get your network up and running. Xnetconf is able to configure settings for up to four network interfaces, set DHCP, DNS servers, gateways, the host and domain your Zenwalk box will be part of, as well as activate a simple generic yet efficient firewall.

Running xnetconf

From Zenpanel, click on the icon Network Settings and you will get the following screen (Network is not connected in this example).

How to use xnetconf

To set up/start network connection, you need to highlight the network interface you want to configure (such as eth0) (1), then choose whether you want to use DHCP or manually attribute the IP address (2). Define some of the other configurations pertaining to the hostname, domain, firewall... as needed (3 and 4), and click on the button Apply configuration (5). If the connection is successful, the status of the network interface you selected should say 'up'.

Note: The button **Apply configuration (5) toggles the state of your highlighted network interface up or down along with the different options you have defined for it.

In the above screenshot,eth0 interface settings is displayed. DHCP is enabled, and all is working fine. The driver the card uses is mentioned under the Ethernet Information section.

In general, enabling DHCP is your best option (and definitely the easiest). DHCP will negotiate an IP and renew its table when needed, completely in the background.

Die-hards can directly edit /etc/rc.d/rc.inet1.conf, which contains the settings for the network cards. Domain names are set in /etc/hosts. DNS servers are set in /etc/resolv.conf.