Installation from Hard Drive

This is useful if you don't have any means to install from a CD or think it's faster this way. This requres a Zenwalk ISO image and GRUB or LILO.

   /dev/sdXY - this is where I want to install zenwalk, e.g. /dev/sda7
   /dev/sdXZ - this is where I will extract the contents of the zenwalk iso, e.g. /dev/sda10

NOTE: You need to have a clear idea in your mind which hard drive and which partition you are using for this installation procedure.

  1. Extract ISO contents

       mkdir /mnt/zeniso
       mount -o loop -t iso9660 <path_to_iso>/zenwalk.iso /mnt/zeniso
       cp -r /mnt/zeniso <where_/dev/sdXZ_is_mounted>zenwalk
       umount /mnt/zeniso
       rmdir /mnt/zeniso

    where zenwalk.iso is your Zenwalk ISO image.

    + Add the install to the boot loader


    under linux edit /boot/grub/menu.lst and add

       title Zenwalk install
       root (hdX,Z-1) #<-- MODIFY
       kernel /zenwalk/kernels/ata/bzImage
       initrd /zenwalk/isolinux/initrd.img

    For example: If you have extracted the ISO to /dev/sda10, then you will have "root (hd0,9)" (0 = a = first hdd, 9 = 10-1)

    Some users might need to use the scsi kernel (just replace ata with scsi)


    edit your /etc/lilo.conf and add this line

       # ZENWALK INSTALL from HD
       image = /path/to/location/kernels/ata/bzImage
       root = /dev/sdXZ <--MODIFY sdXZ
       label = ZW_install_from_HD
       initrd = /path/to/location/isolinux/initrd.img
       append = "optional_parameters_here" #

    Some users might need to use the scsi kernel (just replace ata with scsi)

    Now execute lilo -v

  2. Reboot and select "Zenwalk install" in the boot loader screen. The zenwalk setup will begin.

    At the setup screen choose "Exit setup" and we have a root shell.

    Mount the extracted ISO.

       cd /
       mkdir zeniso
       mount /dev/sdXZ /zeniso #<-- MODIFY /dev/sdXZ

    This will lead you to the usual Zenwalk setup screen. Install everything until if askes for source selection. Choose "Install from a pre-mounted directory" and when you are asked for the directory where the installation files are, write:


  3. Continue install If you choose to install lilo as boot loader on MBR, it will overwrite the current one.

  4. Reboot Again If you didn't install lilo and use grub, modify /boot/grub/menu.lst, otherwise skip this

       title Zenwalk
       root (hdX,Y-1) #<--MODIFY
       kernel /boot/vmlinuz- root=/dev/sdXY #<--MODIFY /dev/sdXY and kernel version if needed

    If you use lilo, add this to your /etc/lilo.conf

       image = /mnt/sdXY/boot/vmlinuz- #<--MODIFY /dev/sdXY and kernel version as needed
       root = /dev/sdXY #<--MODIFY /dev/sdXY to your actual location of ZenWalk installation
       label = ZenWalk-X.Y.Z
       initrd = /mnt/sdXY/boot/initrd.splash #<--MODIFY sdXY to correct location
       append = "optional parameters" #

    Then, make your mountpoint and mount it if it is not automatically done, and execute lilo -v

       mkdir /mnt/sdXY #<--MODIFY sdXY to match the name in your lilo.conf
       mount /dev/sdXY /mnt/sdXY #<-- Check to maker sure the sdXY is correct
       lilo -v